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About Us

Levi and Angela moved to their farm in Moorreesburg in 2005. It had always been Levi's dream to farm and slowly they began to realise this dream. The land was initially barren except for an orchard of established almond trees. With steady dedication they worked Moorreesburg's typical red soil by hand, enriching it with home-made compost.

Now they have a flourishing vegetable garden built on organic principles and worked with love and care. They have achieved all this without any aids or loans and are completely independent.

Angela came to South Africa from Germany at the age of nineteen. She met Levi while working as a volunteer in Cape Town. When she became sick Levi was the one to help her. They married in 2003 and their son Haile-Selassie was born in 2004. Their second son Uriel Ezekiel was born in 2013.

While Angela works mainly as a qualified teacher Levi carries out the daily runnings of their organic farm business.

Levi decided many years ago that he needed to work with plants and animals in order to make a fruitful contribution to the community. With help of the Almighty Levi is turning the family's land into a Garden of Eden against the odds of extreme heat and drought during summer.